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mia famiglia


2OPINIONATED is loving the latest instalment in Dolce & Gabbana’s ‘Italian Family’ series. The brand has been evolving this theme since Spring/Summer 2012 and the latest mens campaign is just as compelling as the previous print ads of the series. So what exactly makes the “Italian Family’ campaign such a standout?

  1. Firstly, Dolce & Gabbana have absolutely mastered the art of storytelling in the ‘Italian Family’ series. Each image, is like a highly stylised still in the saga of Italian family life and each image has me asking…’what happens next’?
  2. They are a subtle, yet successful ode to the brands country of origin and they speak directly to the Italian ability to inject an innate sense of style into everyday living.
  3. These campaigns are beautifully shot and ultimately provide me with an incentive to be a part of the Dolce & Gabbana family by making that D&G purchase!



Gand G2

D and G 3


A 2OPINIONATED RATING of Perfection - ★★★★★ 

Tell us your opinion on the next chapter in the Dolce & Gabbana ‘Italian Family” story?




It’s time for Marc Jacobs to take a bow and end his lucrative collaboration as creative director for Louis Vuitton. I have always marvelled at his ability to successful steer the helm of Louis Vuitton whilst ensuring the startling growth of his own brand. Sure, Marc Jacobs isn’t  alone in heading up the design inspiration for two luxury brands . Karl Lagerfeld impressively manages to be both head designer and creative director of Chanel and Fendi.  Surely even for the most hardworking and talented designer this is too much to ask and at some point, at sometime, something has got to give! It would appear that the time is now for Jacobs as he and his business partner Robert Duffy leave LV to focus on preparing the Mark Jacobs brand for its IPO.

It will be interesting to see how the fortunes of LVMH’s cash cow, Louis Vuitton will fair post Marc Jacobs. Is the brand in its current state, bigger than the man himself? It does pose the question…how important is a particular designer to livelihood of a luxury brand? The house of Versace has famously fallen on hard times since the death of its founder and designer Gianni Versace in 1997. Even though Louis Vuitton has been around since 1854, modern luxury branding is often more a matter of mere personality than anything else. I suppose only time will tell as we all prepare to watch this space!

So thanks for the memories Marc (welcome…who knows??) LV is yet to name Marc Jacobs successor. For those of you who are still in mourning, why not watch the clip below of MJ’s last show for Louis Vuitton. I hope it helps to ease the pain. x


There you are?

The Seven Million Dollar Man

Last year our men’s fragrance posts caused quite a stir so 2OPINIONATED just couldn’t let this one pass. Brad Pitt was reportedly paid $7 million for these commercials… #moneywellspent for Chanel?

The campaign was shot by Joe Wright who has worked with Chanel since 2006. Brad Pitt looks in desperate need of a shower and just when you thought men’s fragrance campaigns couldn’t get any worse Chanel proposes this ad  as a call to action to buy Chanel No. 5

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The future of surf is flat!


Managing any brand in the mature stage of its life cycle is always a challenge. The obvious case in point in regard to this issue is the recent problems with Billabong. Poor performance and mismanagement at Billabong saw the brands share price plunge from $1.83 to 96c and there is now talks of take over bids by both  NIKE and TPG. A far cry from Billabong’s heyday and the company’s public listing back in 2000.

We both worked for a ski shop when surf brands were considered the innovators in street fashion and when the surf category was going through its major growth phase. Back then, the best parties, the most innovative promotions, the cutest reps, the most exclusive events and coolest products all came from surf brands (with the possible exception of Burton snowboards). Boy times have changed!

So what happened?

The decline of the surf category could not have been more evident than on the 2OPINIONATED Hawaii trip. Here we were, at the birthplace of surfing itself and there was a complete absence of surf clothing on the streets of Waikiki.



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Fashion Trickle Down from the Red Carpet

Awards Seasons’ Fashion exhibits the Trickle Down Effect

Olya Bell : ‘Gentlemen, did Ricky Gervais’ burgundy TED Baker diner suit inspire you to take a fashion risk?’

Hannah Brooks: ‘Who cares about the suit! You have to love an awards host who takes a beer to the lectern’.

Hannah: ‘When did it stop being all about the films and shows and start being all about the fashion? What will the Oscar’s bring?’

Olya: ‘Han it’s always about the fashion! It is a little bit of PR brilliance on behalf of fashion industry’.

Hannah: ‘These days it seems we care less about who actually won the award, and more about which star was lent millions of dollars worth of Harry Winston jewels and who wore what. We sit glued to the television, we tweet our opinions to the world, we text our friends when we see a disaster on the red carpet and we talk about the dresses for days after the event. Are we just living our lives vicariously through those who are lucky enough to be sample size, styled by Rachel Zoe or lent a dress from Lanvin? Do we really take fashion inspiration from the red carpet… what does awards season mean for the people who are their own stylists?’

Olya: ‘They say that imitation is a form of flattery, yet I am not too sure. Allen B. Schwartz has become synonymous with post-award show knock off gowns. He usually replicates the top four gowns that retail between $250 -$400 US. They have been a huge hit with the prom market in the USA. ABS even produced replica’s dresses straight after the Royal wedding. ABS is not only the company that do “inspired” dresses. Msnbc’s  Today show “get red Carpet looks for less” video features four Faviana gowns to get that star look for less, straight from the runways of the golden globes. As students we were cautioned against the evils of plagiarism, what I want to know is – how is this different? We have included some images from their “look like a star” collection compared with the actual dresses the stars wore at the bottom of this post so you can decided for yourselves. ‘

Angelina Jolie wearing a Atelier Versace gown followed by an “inspired gown” by Faviana.

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Have you ever bought a FAKE?

All answers will be anonymous!

James Franco Man About Town for Gucci – Something for Everyone?

…a mans’ man or is this one for the ladies?

Clearly our 2OPINIONATED discussions on men’s fragrance have hit a raw nerve. Thanks for sharing all your varied opinions on the blog, Facebook and Twitter. Since “75% annual fragrance sales are made in November & December” (Fragrance Foundation UK) we thought this topic is especially relevant now.

‘In the UK “51% of women claimed to have bought fragrance as a gift for their partner and 34% of men “usually” get fragrance as a gift “ which makes us question the target audience for Male Fragrance campaigns.’ – Olya Bell

‘Just to add fuel to the fire, Gucci appears to have taken a different tone with this new James Franco campaign. James Franco has been the face of Gucci fragrances since 2008 but the recent ads seem like a bit of departure; especially when compared to his previous campaigns for Gucci. Perhaps this relates to their announcement of Franco as the face of Gucci Bespoke Suits. This new initiative is being rolled out progressively around the world “starting November 2011 to become available in 11 select Gucci boutiques by the end of the year: Milan, Rome, Paris, London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo (Ginza & Shinjuku), Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney”.- Hannah Brooks

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Our men’s fragrance debate – is Iggy the answer?

Iggy Pop as the new  face of Paco Rabanne Black XS L’Exces…and what a face it is!!!!

Just to add another layer to our men’s fragrance debate – Paco Rabanne have certainly taken a different track in marketing this scent. No buff male models or Hollywood Celebs are featured in this campaign.

What are your opinions on this decision by Paco Rabanne… Does Iggy Pop, as the face of a men’s fragrance, represent innovation or desperation?

Acqua Di Gio – Who does this appeal to? No really?

Man up – Tell us what kind of man you are!

One of our valued readers requested we comment on Male Fragrances.  So here it is!

This fashion savvy heterosexual male (“not that there is anything wrong with it”) had difficulties relating to the models and celebrities in fragrance print ads. He found that images of Matthew McConaughey / The One with his shirt off and the naked picture of Marc Jacobs/ Bang where neither  aspirational or relatable.

Which made me question – How many men actually buy their own fragrances and how many male fragrances are marketed to women and gay men?

What adverts do you relate to and when was your last fragrance purchase? Who was it for?

Over the next few days I am going to post videos from top selling mens fragrances and later in the week comment on some of the print campaigns.

We look forward to your opinions!

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